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Statement about the protection of personal data.

Our statement contains the principles and practical methods based on which the Creartive Design Kft. contents-services handle and protect the data established about their users. Our principles assure the protection of personal data according to the 1992./LXIII. Act and the standpoints issued by the data protection ombudsman as well as beyond.

We handle confidentially the eventual data provided by you, they do not get to third parties. We require the information to get statistical data from our users. This way we can further develop the www-page according to the users’ interest.

The detailed data and information protection statement of the Creartive Design Kft. can be found in the following.

Please read carefully, and make use of our services in such a way that you accept the conditions of use.

Conditions of use

The Creartive Design Kft. pages are available for anybody without any discrimination, their use is free of charge and corresponds to free communication.

The Creartive Design Kft. tries to keep its services at the highest possible level, however it is not held liable for the damages caused by the eventual technical failures.

Regarding its services the Creartive Design Kft. reserves the right to any change - including the eventual termination, breaking or pausing the data uploading.

1. The information being logged automatically by our server

Our servers register automatically the IP addresses, the type of the used operation system and browser program as well as some other information. This information is sued exclusively in summarised and processed (aggregate) format, in order to repair the eventual failures of our services, enhance their quality and for statistical purpose. The data are not connected in any form with the other data provided by the users.

2. Cookies

Some services place individual identifiers, the so-called cookie on the user’s computer. The cookies serve exclusively for facilitating the user’s authentication, they are not used for any other purpose. The user’s prohibition of the cookie-receiving does not hinder the use of our services.

3. The personal data provided during registration

For using some services the users need to fill out a registration questionnaire. We handle the information established during the registration with the utmost care and strictly confidentially, nobody unauthorised can have access to them. We require the information in order to get statistical data about them. With it we can enhance our services according to the user’s field of interest. We may provide our partners with some information in summarised and processed format so that our partners can develop their services according to the users’ fields of interest. We may publish some information in statistical format so that those interested get a picture of our services.

4. The data suitable for the individual access to the users

We use the data suitable for the individual access of the users (e.g. e-mail addresses) only for purposes approved in advance by the user, we don’t disclose them to third parties within any circumstances without the user’s written approval - except for case specified by law. If the enlargement of our services palette make sit necessary, in certain rare cases we send information to our users. In such cases the users are able to renounce the receiving of the further related material.

5. Data suitable for reaching the users physically

We collect data suitable for the physical access of the users only if the kind of the certain service makes it necessary. We use the data only for the purpose having been approved by the user, we don’t disclose them to third parties in any circumstances - except for the cases stipulated by law.

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